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Management Team

Store Manager

Joe Debono: As the Store Manager, Joe is responsible for ensuring the correct storage and supply of stock across the chain.

Purchasing Manager

Arianne Scerri: As the Purchasing Manager, Arianne is responsible for the purchasing of stock and management of stock levels. She is also responsible for the chemotherapy process.

Finance Manager

Janice Lanzon: As the Finance Manager, Janice is responsible for managing Brown’s financial resources and payroll.

Marketing Manager

Ianina Drenska: As the Marketing Manager, Ianina is responsible for enacting Brown’s Marketing Strategy, she oversees marketing and advertising initiatives, offers, brand management and customer care.

Retail Operations Manager

Damien Mercieca: As the Retail Operations Manager, Damien is responsible for Brown’s operational processes and oversees IT support and Business Intelligence, maintenance and refurbishments, security and inventory management.

HR Manager

Deborah Portelli: As the Human Resources Manager, Deborah is responsible for Brown’s employees and oversees recruitment, training, rostering, performance management as well as developing employment policies and procedures that are in alignment with the company’s overall strategy.

General Manager

Tiziana Ceci: As the General Manager, Tiziana is responsible for translating the company’s strategic vision into operational goals and plans.

About Us

Brown’s Pharmacy is Malta’s largest retail pharmacy group, established in 1998 by two pharmacists and long-time friends, Robert Spiteri and Alexander Fenech.

We, Robert and Alexander that is, were brought together in business through a shared passion for customer focus and a vision of creating a business culture where like-minded people can flourish and grow the business as a result.

Fast-forward to date, the plan we crafted on a single sheet of paper in the back-row of one of our MBA classes is falling nicely into place. With a fantastic team of people on board, we have managed to create the leading and most recognisable retail pharmacy brand in Malta. We intend to continue growing Browns Pharmacy in Malta, and overseas at the opportune moment. Our dreams and ambitions are infinite. Watch this space…

In management ‘speak’ our mission is “to be a leading Retail Pharmacy business, seeking consistent and sustainable growth by engaging highly motivated people with cutting edge technology and business processes to meet and whenever possible exceed customer expectations.”

About Us

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