Magic Fix

Magic Fix


Magic Fix seals in your lipstick with an invisible protective shield. Magic Fix contains natural ingredients and prevents lipstick from transferring, for example, on glasses, cups and shirt collars as well as lipstick from feathering or bleeding into fine lines around the lips. Magic Fix makes your lipstick waterproof. Essential oils provide a nourishing boost. Bergamot oil, with its fruity-flowery, warm aroma, has a balancing and relaxing effect and Lavender oil, with its floral aroma and woody note, has a nourishing and calming effect.


Apply your lip-liner and lipstick as usual. Blot off any excess with a cosmetic tissue. Apply Magic Fix all over the lips, going over the lip contours as well. This will prevent your lipstick from bleeding or feathering. You could feel a slight tingling sensation while it dries – this is a natural reaction since the product contains alcohol. Let the Magic Fix dry with your lips slightly apart for several seconds. Clean the brush well with a cosmetic tissue after every use. You can remove Magic Fix with an oily cleanser. Note: Magic Fix isn’t suitable for sealing very creamy or glossy textures. The consumption of oilier foods can also compromise the efficiency of Magic Fix’s effect.

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