Coresatin Allantoin

Coresatin Allantoin

Coresatin® Allantoin contains:

0.04% Chlorhexidine Digluconate (CHDG) enriched by allantoin.

CHDG has a significant proven efficacy and activity against the most common germs. It provides an antimicrobial protective effect for approximately 6 hours.


  • - is a naturally nitrogenous compound which is proven to rejuvenate and protect the skin,
  • - is used to promote the natural renewal of skin, prevent it from getting irritated improves the moisture-holding capacity and softens the skin
  • - plays a stimulative role to regulate the response to skin inflammation
  • - its complexes are classified as safe and effective skin protectants based on the safety assessments
  • - is observed that it reduces the skin rash caused by mechanical and chemical irritation as well as UV irritation

Coresatin® Allantoin Hand/Skin Sanitizing Cream exhibits a biocidal activity of 99.99% against common germs while providing proper moisture for skin integrity.

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